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Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Wall of Iron

Source wall of iron

The wall is 1 inch thick per 2 caster levels. If you create an unattached wall, you can weight it so there is a 75% chance it falls on its own in the direction you want. Subtract 5 from the DC to push it in the direction you want, and add 5 to the DC to push the wall in the other direction.

Augmented (7th): If you expend two uses of mythic power, one side of the wall (your choice) has a powerful magnetic charge that attracts metal within 10 feet. The wall automatically attempts a combat maneuver check to pull once per round against any creature that comes in range wearing metal armor, wielding a metal weapon, or otherwise carrying a significant amount of metal.

The wall's CMB is equal to your caster level plus your tier. If the combat maneuver succeeds, the creature is pulled 5 feet closer to the wall. The wall gains a +5 bonus on its combat maneuver check if the creature is within 5 feet. If the wall succeeds at its check against a creature within 5 feet, the creature is pulled up against the wall and is treated as grappled.

Dropping metal items or removing metal armor allows a creature to free itself from the wall. The magnetic charge fades after 1 hour per tier. Wrenching an item away from the wall requires a successful Strength check (DC 10 + the wall's CMB).