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Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Prestige Classes

Prestige classes represent specializations not available to most adventurers, the culmination of extensive practice in a specific field or discipline. The eight prestige classes here supplement those found in Chapter 11 of the Core Rulebook. Always check with your GM to make sure a given prestige class is allowed before working toward it. The prestige classes presented in this chapter include the following.

Battle Herald: A veteran whose masterful tactics and air of command inspire allies to greater feats of heroism.

Holy Vindicator: A pious warrior who spreads religion at the edge of a sword.

Horizon Walker: A scout and wanderer comfortable in even the strangest terrain.

Master Chymist: An alchemist whose mutagens create an alternate, brutish personality.

Master Spy: An espionage expert specializing in disguises and striking swiftly from the shadows.

Nature Warden: A master of the wilderness bonded spiritually to a fearsome animal companion.

Rage Prophet: A bold and barbaric champion who embraces otherworldly powers in order to perfect the art of combat.

Stalwart Defender: A master of defending territory and holding the line at all costs.

Definition of Terms

Below are definitions of some common terms used here.

Core Class: One of the standard eleven classes found in the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook.

Base Class: A class that progresses from level 1–20.

Caster Level: Generally equal to the number of class levels (see below) in a spellcasting class. Some prestige classes add caster levels to an existing class.

Character Level: The sum of a character's class levels.

Class Level: The level of a character in a particular class.