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The wayangs are a race of small supernatural humanoids who trace their ancestry to the Plane of Shadows. They are extremely gaunt, with pixielike stature and skin the color of deep shadow. Deeply spiritual, they follow a philosophy known as "The Dissolution," which teaches that in passing they may again merge into the shadow. They readily express their beliefs through ritual scarification and skin bleaching, marking their bodies with raised white dots in ornate spirals and geometric patterns. Shy and elusive, they live in small, interdependent tribes. Wayangs rarely associate with outsiders.

Wayang Racial Traits

+2 Dexterity, +2 Intelligence, –2 Wisdom: Wayang are nimble and cagey, but their perception of the world is clouded by shadows.

Wayang: Wayangs are humanoids with the wayang subtype.

Small: Wayangs are Small creatures and gain a +1 size bonus to their AC, a +1 size bonus on attack rolls, a –1 penalty on their CMB and to CMD, and a +4 size bonus on Stealth checks.

Slow Speed: Wayangs have a base speed of 20 feet.

Darkvision: Wayangs can see in the dark up to 60 feet.

Light and Dark (Su): Once per day as an immediate action, a wayang can treat positive and negative energy effects as if she were an undead creature, taking damage from positive energy and healing damage from negative energy. This ability lasts for 1 minute once activated.

Lurker: Wayangs gain a +2 racial bonus on Perception and Stealth checks.

Shadow Magic: Wayangs add +1 to the DC of any saving throws against spells of the shadow subschool that they cast. Wayangs with a Charisma score of 11 or higher also gain the following spell-like abilities: 1/day—ghost sound, pass without trace, and ventriloquism. The caster level for these effects is equal to the wayang's level. The DC for these spells is equal to 10 + the spell's level + the wayang's Charisma modifier.

Shadow Resistance: Wayangs get a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against spells of the shadow subschool.

Languages: Wayangs begin play speaking Common and Wayang. Wayangs with high Intelligence scores can choose from the following: any human language, Abyssal, Aklo, Draconic, Goblin, Infernal, Nagaji, Samsaran, and Tengu.

Alternate Racial Traits

The following racial trait may be selected instead of existing wayang racial traits. Consult your GM before selecting this new option.

Dissolution's Child: Once per day, you may change your appearance to look as if you were little more than a 4-foot-tall area of shadow. Your physical form still exists and you are not incorporeal—only your appearance changes. This works like invisibility, except it only lasts 1 round per level (maximum 5 rounds). This is a supernatural ability. This racial trait replaces shadow magic.

Favored Class Options

The following options are available to all wayangs who have the listed favored class, and unless otherwise stated, the bonus applies each time you select the favored class reward.

Bard: Add one spell known from the wizard's illusion school spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the bard can cast. The spell is treated as being one level higher, unless it is also on the bard spell list.

Oracle: Add one spell known from the wizard's illusion school spell list. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level the oracle can cast. That spell is treated as one level higher unless it is also on the oracle spell list.

Sorcerer: Add +1/2 point of damage to any illusion spells of the shadow subschool cast by the sorcerer.

Summoner: Add +1 skill rank to the summoner's eidolon.

Racial Archetypes

The following racial archetype is available to wayangs.

Shadow Puppeteer (Bard)

A shadow puppeteer invokes amazing and terrifying shadow puppet shows, producing supernatural effects by creating and manipulating shadow. A shadow puppeteer has the following class feature.

Bardic Performance: A shadow puppeteer gains the following types of bardic performance. The character must be able to perform shadow puppetry in order to activate any of these abilities. Shadow puppetry uses Perform (act), and requires a light source. These abilities replace all levels of inspire courage and inspire competence.

Shadow Servant (Sp): At 1st level, the puppeteer can create a shadow servant to perform simple tasks. The shadow servant is identical to an unseen servant (caster level equal to the shadow puppeteer's bard level), except it appears as a formless shadow. Shadow servant relies on visual components.

Shadow Puppets (Sp): At 1st level, a shadow puppeteer can use bardic performance to create one quasi-real shadowy creature resembling a monster from the summon monster I list. These shadowy creatures otherwise work like shadow conjuration, and targets interacting with them get a Will saving throw (DC 10 + 1/2 your bard level + your Charisma bonus) to treat them as only 20% real. At 4th level and every three levels thereafter, this ability acts like the next higher version of summon monster (summon monster II at 4th level and so on).

New Racial Rules

The following options are available to wayangs. At the GM's discretion, other appropriate races may also make use of some of these.

Wayang Equipment

Wayangs have access to the following equipment.

Shadow Stencils: This set of 10 elaborate metal stencils are used in shadow puppetry to cast shadows of highly stylized figures and objects. If used to aid in the creation of any type of shadow spell or effect (including shadow puppet bardic performances), a wayang adds a +1 competence bonus to her saving throw DC. Using a shadow stencil requires one hand.

Wayang Equipment
Shadow stencil set30 gp2 lbs.

Wayang Feats

Wayangs have access to the following feat.

Shadowy Dash

In dim light, you resemble little more than a shadow.

Prerequisite: Wayang.

Benefit: Whenever you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you can move at full speed using Stealth without taking the normal –5 penalty for doing so.

Normal: When moving at more than half your speed and up to your normal speed, you take a –5 penalty on Stealth checks.

Wayang Magic Items

Wayangs have access to the following magic item.

Bag of Shadow Clouds

Aura moderate illusion; CL 7th

Slot none; Price 30,240 gp; Weight 1 lb.


Anyone peering into this bag of deep gray cloth sees nothing but empty blackness. Within the bag exists an extradimensional space linked to the Plane of Shadow. Three times per day, as a move action, the bearer can reach within the bag and pull out 1d4 semisolid shards of shadow. The bag's bearer can use each shard of shadow as a thrown weapon targeting a single 5-foot square. When it hits, it acts as a darkness spell, but only affecting one 5-foot square. As a move action, the bearer of the bag can move a shadow cloud up to 10 feet in any direction. Whether or not they are thrown, the shards of shadow and shadow clouds last 10 minutes before dissipating.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, darkness, shadow conjuration; Cost 15,120 gp

Wayang Spells

Wayangs have access to the following spells.

Shadow Anchor

School illusion (shadow) [shadow]; Level bard 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, witch 2

Casting Time 1 standard action

Components S

Range touch

Target creature touched

Effect a shadowy shadow tether

Duration 1 round/level (D); see text

Save Will negates; Spell Resistance yes

The target's shadow becomes a flexible tether to its current square. The creature can move up to 5 feet from that square without penalty. Moving farther than 5 feet from the tether point requires the target to make a bull rush combat maneuver check against a CMB of 10 + 1/2 your caster level + your Intelligence modifier (if a witch or wizard) or Charisma modifier (if a bard or sorcerer). The target takes a –1 penalty for every 5 feet of distance between it and its tethered square. Failing this check means the target's move is wasted and it cannot move farther away. If it fails this check by 10 or more, it is pulled 5 feet toward the tether square and is knocked prone. If it beats the check by 10 or more, the spell ends. This spell does not work on creatures that do not cast shadows or reflections. If the target uses a teleportation effect or leaves the current plane, the spell ends.