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Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Religion (Int; Trained Only)

The secrets of deities, holy lore, and the extraplanar realms are open to you.

Functions: Identify monsters (outsiders and undead), recall knowledge (about the planes or religions).

Core Skills: Knowledge (planes), Knowledge (religion).

Identify Monsters

Religion can be used to identify monsters of the outsider and undead types. See Monster Identification.

Recall Knowledge

Religion can be used to recall knowledge on the subjects of gods, ecclesiastic tradition, holy symbols, mythic history, the planes, and planar magic. See Recall Knowledge for details. Use the following DCs for certain tasks.

Task Religion DC
Know the names of the planes10
Recognize a common deity's symbol or clergy10
Know common mythology and tenets15
Recognize the current plane15
Identify a creature's planar origin20
Recognize an obscure deity's symbol or clergy20