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Performance (Cha)

You can compel an emotional reaction through a musical, oratory, or physical performance. Your ability to act convincingly and use stagecraft also makes you better at disguising yourself. This skill applies to performances of any type (unlike in the Core Rulebook).

Functions: Disguise yourself, impress audiences.

Core Skills: Disguise, Perform (all).

Disguise Yourself

This use of Performance functions as the Disguise core skill.

Action: 1d3 × 10 minutes. Using magic (such as disguise self) reduces this to the time required to cast the spell or trigger the effect.

Try Again: Yes, though if others know a disguise was attempted, they'll be more suspicious.

Impress Audiences

By performing a speech, song, play, or other artistic work, you can impress an audience. If you're in a prosperous city, you gain money for spending a day at this task. The amount depends on the result of your Performance check.

Performance Quality Performance DC Money Earned
Routine (akin to begging)101d10 cp per day
Enjoyable151d10 sp per day
Great203d10 sp per day
Memorable251d6 gp per day
Extraordinary303d6 gp per day

Action: Anywhere between one evening and a full day.

Try Again: Yes, though the DC increases by 2 for each previous routine performance the same audience has witnessed you make.

Masterwork Instrument: A masterwork instrument grants a +2 bonus on Performance checks to impress an audience.