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Acrobatics (Dex; Armor Check Penalty)

You have a talent for balance and coordination, including aerial maneuvers, gymnastics, and tumbling.

Functions: Balance, escape from restraints, execute flying maneuvers, ride mounts, soften falls, squeeze, tumble.

Core Skills: Acrobatics (except jumping), Escape Artist, Fly, Ride.

Acrobatics Modifiers: The circumstances listed on the table below apply modifiers to Acrobatics check DCs. Although modifiers from different categories (such as slippery, sloped, etc.) stack with each other, only the most severe modifier from each particular category applies.

Acrobatics Circumstances Acrobatics DC Modifier
Slightly obstructed (gravel, sand)+2
Severely obstructed (cavern, rubble)+5
Slightly slippery (wet)+2
Severely slippery (icy)+5
Slightly sloped (<45°)+2
Severely sloped (>45°)+5
Slightly unsteady (boat in rough water)+2
Moderately unsteady (boat in a storm)+5
Severely unsteady (earthquake)+10

Special: If you have 3 or more ranks in Acrobatics, you gain a +3 dodge bonus to AC when fighting defensively instead of the usual +2, and a +6 dodge bonus to AC when taking the total defense action instead of the usual +4.


You can attempt an Acrobatics check to keep your balance while crossing narrow surfaces or treacherous ground. If you fail, you fall or are knocked prone. You move at half speed while balancing, but you can move at full speed if you increase the DC by 5. You're considered flat-footed while balancing. You need to attempt a check to balance only once per round, but if you take damage, you must attempt another check with the same DC. You don't need to attempt a check if the DC is lower than 10, but modifiers might raise a low DC to 10 or higher.

Action: None.

Surface Width Acrobatics DC
Greater than 3 feet wide0
1–3 feet wide5
7–11 inches wide10
2–6 inches wide15
Less than 2 inches wide20

Escape from Restraints

Getting free of restraints, a grapple, or an entanglement requires an Acrobatics check. You can attempt an Acrobatics check instead of a combat maneuver check to escape a grapple or pin.

Restraint Acrobatics DC
Rope/bindingsBinder's CMB + 20
Net, animate rope20
Masterwork manacles35
GrapplerGrappler's CMD

Action: 1 minute for restraints, full-round action for a net or a listed spell, standard action for a grapple or pin.

Try Again: Yes. You can even take 20 if you're not being actively opposed.

Execute Flying Maneuvers

This use of Acrobatics functions as the Fly core skill. The skill alone doesn't give you the ability to fly.

Action: None.

Ride Mounts

This use of Acrobatics functions as the Ride core skill

Action: Varies. Mounting or dismounting is normally a move action.

Soften Falls

When you deliberately fall any distance, even as a result of a missed jump, you can attempt a DC 15 Acrobatics check to ignore the first 10 feet fallen. You still end up prone if you take damage from the fall.

Action: None.


A successful DC 30 Acrobatics check allows you to squeeze through a gap through which your head fits but your shoulders don't. You can't fit through spaces smaller than your head.

Action: 1 minute or longer, possibly requiring multiple checks.

Try Again: Yes. You can even take 20 if you're not being actively opposed.


You can attempt an Acrobatics check to avoid provoking an attack of opportunity when moving through a threatened square. If you fail, your movement ends and you provoke an attack of opportunity from the threatening opponent. You move at half speed when you tumble, but you can move at full speed if you increase the DC by 10. If you try to tumble past multiple opponents in the same round, attempt an Acrobatics check against each of them. The DC increases by 2 for each opponent beyond the first.

Action: None.

Intended Movement Acrobatics DC
Move through a threatened areaOpponent's CMD
Move through an enemy's space5 + opponent's CMD

Loads: You can't tumble when carrying a medium or heavy load or wearing medium or heavy armor unless an ability allows you to move at full speed in such conditions.

Prone: You can tumble while prone, but this is a full-round action to move 5 feet, and the DC increases by 5.