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Pathfinder Reference Document

Modify Memory

Source modify memory

You can modify an additional 5 minutes of the subject's memory per tier. You may affect multiple memories with one casting of the spell, as long as the total number of minutes doesn't exceed this limit. Each affected memory counts as a minimum of 5 minutes. For example, you could implant a memory of having a brief meeting with the mayor before lunch and another brief meeting just after dinner, even though the two events would have been hours apart.

Augmented (8th): If you expend four uses of mythic power, instead of altering the target's memories, you alter all other creatures' memories of the target (only the target gets a saving throw against the spell). All creatures on the same plane as the target forget his name, their relationship to him, and everything he has done; he is essentially a stranger to them. Any important acts by the target are attributed to someone else. Everyone's memories of history are rewritten to incorporate this change. The target's memories are unaffected. You can exclude a number of other creatures up to your tier from the effects of this spell (so they remember the truth), including yourself if you wish. Written records are unchanged unless you expend an additional six uses of mythic power when you cast the spell, and written records on other planes remain unchanged regardless.