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Source knock

The spell unlocks up to three means of closure instead of two. The spell automatically opens locks of simple or average quality, without requiring a caster level check to do so). If used on a door locked with arcane lock, you can attempt a free dispel check against it as if using a targeted dispel magic, adding your tier to the check.

Augmented (3rd): You can expend two uses of mythic power to target one locked item per tier, unlocking up to four means of closure on each, allowing a free dispel against an arcane lock on each, and automatically opening locks of up to good quality (no caster level check needed).

If the door has a trap that triggers when opened, you become aware of the trap and its general nature, and the door is unlocked but doesn't automatically open.

The spell can raise a barred gate, portcullis, or similar impediment, but each one counts as two locked doors.