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Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Guards and Wards

Source guards and wards

You are alerted whenever any creature enters the warded area as if by a mental alarm spell as long as you're on the same plane as the warded area. At will, you can concentrate to observe the warded area as if using arcane eye. When you start concentrating, the sensor always appears at a point you designate when you cast the spell. You can place two of the five effects listed in the spell (dancing lights and so on) instead of one.

Augmented (3rd): You can place the following effects anywhere within the warded area by expending one additional use of mythic power per effect.

6. Black tentacles in one place, returning after 10 minutes if dispelled.

7. Dispel magic in one place. You select an area up to 5 feet square, and any creature that enters or passes through the area is targeted by the spell. Saving Throw: Will negates. Spell Resistance: yes.

8. Entangle in four places, returning in 10 minutes if dispelled.

9. Explosive runes in three places, returning in 10 minutes if activated or dispelled.

10. Slow in three places, returning in 10 minutes if dispelled.