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Pathfinder Reference Document
Pathfinder Reference Document

Floating Disk

Source floating disk

The disk created by this spell lasts for 2 hours per caster level and can carry up to 200 pounds of weight per caster level.

The disk accompanies you regardless of your speed, always catching up no matter how far you move. If you stand or sit on the disk, as a move action you can direct it to travel up to 30 feet in any direction.

Any objects resting on the disk count as weightless parts of your gear for the purpose of teleportation effects (allowing these items to go with you when you teleport despite the weight limit of the teleportation spell).

As a free action, you can transform the plane of force from a concave disk into a bucket-like shape that holds up to 4 gallons (or transform it from the bucket-like form back to its normal disk form).